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Rank In The Top Local Positions

When it comes to SEO, and ranking high in the Google search results, a lot of people fixate on getting to the first page.

But that's not enough anymore.

The SEO landscape changes continually, and now what you want is to entrench your business in the top few local positions.

You want to be in the top organic position, as well as within the top listings on Google Maps.

When you can get your business listed in these top positions, then you're going to get over 40% of all the clicks.

Outrank Your Competition

Right now, if you don't rank within the top few positions on Google Maps and in the organic results for your targeted local keywords, then your competitors are taking your customers away from you.

Over 40% of all local searches will choose either the website that is ranked #1 on the organic results, or on the Google Maps results.

So if you want to get more local customers, you will need to outrank your competition.

And we can help you do that!

Want To Know Where Your Business Ranks Now?

Get a business snapshot to see where you currently rank for your target keywords. 

If you're not happy with where you sit at the moment, then we can help you.

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